Telos Afrique Ownership Structure and Disclosure

Telos Afrique aims to grow the potential and capabilities of Africa and share these with the world. We believe in realizing this goal through education and technical training on the Telos ecosystem and technology. We purpose to transform this innovative potential and hardworking spirit of Africa and its people into real value for each member of the society.

We make this ownership disclosure with respect to the regproducer contract signed upon our registration as block producers on Telos.

Registered Company

Name: EOSNairobi Ltd.

Legal entity type: Private Limited Company

Jurisdiction: The Republic of Kenya

Established: 13 March 2018

Primary purpose: Technology services company, a developer of hardware and software solutions, blockchain education and business incubation, blockchain technology development.

Ownership Structure

Daniel Kimotho 25%

Steve Kiarie 25%

Felix Macharia 25%

Brian Kimotho 25%

Block rewards

We purpose to invest a part of our block rewards in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, ensuring we serve the network and community with excellence.

We shall also invest part of the block rewards in the blockchain learning centre that will facilitate skills transfer to the local developer community.

We shall also support events, meetups and promotional activities that raise awareness on Telos ecosystem and invite others to participate.

Blockchain Regulation

Kenya has been a friendly jurisdiction for blockchain-based businesses having created a blockchain and AI taskforce to support the growth of AI and Blockchain technology in Kenya.

We have been privileged to engage with the Kenyan Government and regulators through the African Digital Asset Forum in order to guide and help shape the regulatory framework with the best practices for blockchain backed assets.

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Carbon Neutral Blockchain infrastructure provider and validator. Developers of @kotanipay.

Carbon Neutral Blockchain infrastructure provider and validator. Developers of @kotanipay.