EOS Nairobi Ownership Structure and Disclosure.

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2 min readJun 24, 2018

EOS Nairobi aims to grow the potential and capabilities of Africa and share these with the world. We believe that the EOS Blockchain is the best tool for this work. We purpose to transform this innovative potential and hardworking spirit of Africa and its people into real value for each member of the society.
We hope this ownership disclosure will encourage other operating bodies within the continent to follow our lead on transparency. We will continue to build tools that provide for an open and accountable society.

Registered Company
Name: EOSNairobi Ltd.
Legal entity type: Private Limited Company
Jurisdiction: The Republic of Kenya
Established: 13 March 2018
Primary purpose: Technology services company, developer of hardware and software solutions, blockchain education and business incubation, EOS technology development.

Ownership Structure
The Block Producer is owned and managed by founders of Amayi IT, Calstec, and FIRST Nexus Company.

Block rewards
EOSNairobi purposes to use the block rewards for the benefit of the EOS Community through a series of structured objectives following a clear roadmap.
We are establishing blockchain development skills in Africa’s young and entrepreneurial generation through our EOS developer school and incubator Kotani. Kotani is wholly owned by EOSNairobi.
We are also proactively developing tools and DApps in collaboration with other EOS communities to support the EOS ecosystem with the value addition from an African perspective.

Blockchain Regulation
Kenya has been a friendly jurisdiction for blockchain-based businesses having created a blockchain and AI taskforce to support the growth of AI and Blockchain technology in Kenya.
EOS Nairobi has been privileged to engage with the Kenyan Government and regulators through the African Digital Asset Forum in order to guide and help shape the regulatory framework with the best practices for blockchain backed assets.

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