Announcement: BOS Afrique and BOS Medi Community Manager Position [CLOSED]

BOS (Business Operating System) is an active sidechain of EOS, one of the most utilized Blockchain platforms on the globe. The goal of the BOS Network is to build an EOSIO ecosystem that supports decentralized applications and solves real-world problems using Blockchain technology. BOS Network optimizes the EOSIO software for businesses by enabling BTC, ETH, EOS or other certificate assets to be traded and transferred on the BOS Network. In this way, BOS will serve as a link to accelerate the development of Inter-Blockchain-Communication (IBC).

The network is guided by a light governance mechanism which aims at improving the business environment on the blockchain. It also favors Decentralized Application Developers by offering low costs of development, and shall even reward the developers who contribute regularly with token incentives. The overall goal is to build an easy-to-access, easy-to-use blockchain platform for users & a user-friendly infrastructure for dApp operations.

BOS Afrique and BOS Medi are nodes supporting the BOS network. They shall be serving as Block producers (BPs) on the network. As nodes, they shall serve the global BOS community. Additionally, they shall serve the local BOS community, which shall require the service of a Community Manager. The roles of the community manager shall include:

1. Building the community in Africa, including Telegram channel, YouTube, Facebook page, Whatsapp group and other available social media channels.
2. Q&As in the various channels. Any new information about BOS shall be shared in those channels, and articles may need translation to local languages.
3. Looking for and attending good Blockchain and EOS-related events and representing BOS in these events.
4. Holding local meetups to spread BOS and expand the BOS communities.
5. In-line with the BOSCore motto “Born for dApps, Born for Usability”, look for potential developer teams and collaborate with them to build and launch dApps on BOS.
6. Taking and editing videos, pictures and writing articles in English to cover events.
7. Building and expanding the communities.

The Community Manager should be passionate and self-driven. Remuneration for the position shall be $500 each month, and interested individuals are welcome to fill this form.

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Carbon Neutral Blockchain infrastructure provider and validator. Developers of @kotanipay.

Carbon Neutral Blockchain infrastructure provider and validator. Developers of @kotanipay.