1. What did you build for the East African Blockchain Hackathon?

The challenge focused on these three major thematic areas: 1) Whistleblower protection, 2) Public Procurement, and 3) Financial Investigations.

Our Build focused on Public procurement for most public and private funds get lost without a trace when third party organizations/individuals are involved during the transfer of these funds. With the theme, “the Role of Digitization in Fighting Corruption” the ideation stage was not that hard since I have always had this idea for a long time.

The solution that we came up with Citizen, which is a decentralized application…

1. What did you build for the East African Blockchain Hackathon?

Whistle-blower Protection application using Blockchain Technology.
a blockchain-based platform that allows anonymous reporting and providing tamper-proof evidence, plus anonymously receiving incentives ... As for media evidence, we provide the necessary tools to anonymize, encrypt and authorize viewing to only personnel

2. How did you find the time experience?

The Hackathon gave us enough time for use to create idea and build the platform. We were able to complete build the system and submit within the required timelines.

3. Can you guide us on how you went about using Gitcoin…

The East Africa Anti-Corruption Blockchain Hackathon hosted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) came to an end on the 9th of December 2020 following an 8-week period of hacking. The completion was set appropriately, ending during the Global Anti-Corruption week. Kotani Labs was a proud partner of this one-of-a-kind event which attracted 13 solutions by talented teams, and a total of 143 participants.

The team that emerged top at the virtual event was Team Planet Shakers whose solution is a platform on the Celo Blockchain that allows for the safe filing of complaints by whistleblowers while…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Ours has been no different. We began ours in 2018 when we started working as validators on various blockchain networks. We organized community events, held developer training sessions, and worked at creating foundations for this revolutionary technology in our own backyard. However, we discovered that there were challenges that created barriers to access for our local community. It is estimated that of the 770 million people in Africa with a mobile phone, 440 million people do not have an internet-enabled device. Furthermore, Africa hosts a large percentage of the 1.7…

The purpose of this research was to investigate the behaviour and satisfaction level of Kenyans towards existing mobile money wallets by getting specific insights into their usage and their perception of cryptocurrencies.

Understanding factors that affect Kenyans’ behaviour and satisfaction towards mobile money wallets is vital in order to promote the development of mobile-based solutions in line with new technologies that are poised to alleviate poverty and stimulate financial empowerment. The research only targeted money wallets being used on mobile phones due to the wide usage of phones that is attributed to a high mobile penetration rate.

According to a…

Kotani Pay: A novel Technology enabling Financial Inclusivity for The African continent

Technology has revolutionized the world. The current wave of technology is popularly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution and includes blockchain technology. Current blockchain technologies are built with the smartphone user in mind, locking out millions of people who do not have mobile phones that can access the internet. Out of the 770 million Africans registered on mobile network services, 440 million are connected through feature phones.

We started Kotani Pay with the vision of accelerating the connection of these individuals to the Celo blockchain. Kotani Pay…

Telos Afrique aims to grow the potential and capabilities of Africa and share these with the world. We believe in realizing this goal through education and technical training on the Telos ecosystem and technology. We purpose to transform this innovative potential and hardworking spirit of Africa and its people into real value for each member of the society.

We make this ownership disclosure with respect to the regproducer contract signed upon our registration as block producers on Telos.

Registered Company

Name: EOSNairobi Ltd.

Legal entity type: Private Limited Company

Jurisdiction: The Republic of Kenya

Established: 13 March 2018

Primary purpose…

With EOS having marked a year since its launch, the community has numerous successes to look back on and a promising future with the technology and the innovation around it. As many developers appreciate the internal workings and features of the most performant blockchain software, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to deliver value to the marketplace.

In this year’s community progress report, EOS Nairobi shall highlight some of the successes we look back on from our community as well as the things that make us excited about the future.


From the launch of our community and candidacy on the…

EOS Nairobi has been centered on community since its inception. Having been one of the few EOS block producers in Africa, the responsibility on its shoulders has been great. EOS Nairobi has supported the birth and growth of communities across Africa including that of EOS Botswana and EOS Nigeria.

Even beyond EOS, EOS Nairobi has worked hard at providing the opportunity to people on the globe to access and use Blockchain technology. The barriers to entry have not been few, but the motivation to overcome challenges has been far greater. …

BOS (Business Operating System) is an active sidechain of EOS, one of the most utilized Blockchain platforms on the globe. The goal of the BOS Network is to build an EOSIO ecosystem that supports decentralized applications and solves real-world problems using Blockchain technology. BOS Network optimizes the EOSIO software for businesses by enabling BTC, ETH, EOS or other certificate assets to be traded and transferred on the BOS Network. In this way, BOS will serve as a link to accelerate the development of Inter-Blockchain-Communication (IBC).

The network is guided by a light governance mechanism which aims at improving the business…

Kotani Labs

Carbon Neutral Blockchain infrastructure provider and validator. Developers of @kotanipay.

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